Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Run like a Lunatic!


Who We Are:  So Cal Ultra Lunatics is an RRCA Running Club composed of like-minded runners and walkers who support their local running clubs, local races and local running stores.  We are Lunatics because we don’t necessarily look, act or think like typical runners.

What makes us different is that we are a little bit eccentric.  Anyone can be a lunatic.  You don’t have to be crazy, but sometimes it helps a little bit.  It doesn’t cost anything to belong, but running may become contagious.  Roads, trails, bike paths, tracks, mountains, beaches, deserts, parks, or just about anywhere you can walk or hike, you will find a lunatic running there – day or night.

We also organize local low-key races in the So Cal Region and support fellow race directors as volunteers.  Our events are small ( usually  under 100 runners ), with finishers medals for all participants and buckles for 100 mile finishers.  We have a well-stocked aid station(s) and often use convenient loop courses which start and end near parking, restrooms and amenities.  We don’t have mega sponsors or beer tents at our family-friendly events.  We prefer the old-school approach to running.  Keep it simple, keep it safe, keep it friendly and keep the costs down.

Email:  So.Cal.Ultra.Lunatic.Running.Club@gmail.com

Upcoming Race Schedule:

August 3, 2013:  Dog Daze Doubles, 10K, ½ Marathon, Marathon & 50K, Rohr Park 5K Loop Course

2 Weeks before America’s Finest City Half Marathon and ½ Marathon.

                Website:  http://DogDazeDoubles.blogspot.com/

                Email:  Dog.Daze.Doubles@gmail.com

                Registration:  http://www.ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=21567

November 9, 2013:  Bayshore Boogie, 5K and Half Marathon, Chula Vista Bayshore Bike Path

2 Weeks before Silver Strand Half Marathon and ½ Marathon.  Details to come.

Email:  BayshoreBoogie@gmail.com

February, 2014 Rohring Around the Clock  -- Some More in ’14


Email: Rohring.Round.The.Clock@gmail.com

First Responders, Active Military, current CPR / AED Certified and Repeat Lunatic runners eligible for discounted entry for future events.  Email us for a discount code for your registration at a specific event.

Past Races

July 20-21, 2013:  Rohring Round the Clock, Redux.  6 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours / 100 Mile Ultras


                Results:                                http://www.ultrasignup.com/results_event.aspx?did=20185

May 18, 2013: Rohring Rock Races, ½ Marathon, Marathon & 50K, Rohr Park 5K Loop Course


                Results:                http://www.ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=19995

April 27, 2013: Eastlake Half Marathon, FBO Eastlake Educational Foundation, Chula Vista, Ca.

                Results:                                http://EastlakeHalf.blogspot.com/

February 23-24, 2013: Rohring Round the Clock, Redux.  6 Hours, 12 Hours, 24 Hours / 100 Mile Ultras


Results:                http://www.ultrasignup.com/results_event.aspx?did=19210

Course Records at our Race Venues

Half Marathon                      1h27m08s            David Martinez, Eastlake Half Marathon

                                              1h35m33s            Aubyn, Gominiak, Eastlake Half Marathon

                                              1h37m57s            Dean Andruzzi, Rohring Rock Half Marathon

                                              1h41m39s            Jan Kafka, Rohring Rock Half Marathon

Marathon                              4h28m59s            Richard ELVIS Valles, Rohring Rock Marathon

                                              4h32m19s            Theresa Wells, Rohring Rock Marathon

50K:                                       3h38m44s             Igor Campos, Rohring Rock 50K

6 Hours                                 73 Km                    Dean Dobberteen, Rohring Round the Clock Redux

                                              62 Km                    Marla MacGregor Hernadez, Rohring Round the Clock Redux

50 Miles                               6h09m12s            Fabrice Hardell, Rohring Round the Clock Redux

12 Hours                              120 Km,                Nickademus Hollon, Rohring Round the Clock

                                             90 Km,                  Janet Peters, Rohring Round the Clock, Redux

100 Miles                             17h09m38s         Igor Campos, Rohring Round the Clock

24 Hours                              101 Miles             Ed “the Jester” Ettinghausen, Rohring Round the Clock Redux

For Questions or more information, email Lunatic One, Jim Tello at


Several So. Cal Ultra Lunatics are active members or participants of the following organizations.

Marathon Maniacs, Half Fanatics, 50 States Club, Running Troops, Bonita Road Runners, San Diego Track Club, Race Guards,  Galloway Training  Programs, The 100 Mile Club, RRCA Certified Coaches, and others.

Any typos or errors on this page are strictly my fault.  I am a lunatic, so sometimes I put them there on purpose to see if anyone notices.  After running over 52 marathons and ultras in 52 weeks, not to mention over 28 half marathons in the same timeframe, I have earned the privilege of being eccentric.

Ultra Clydesdale MM#5067


  1. Hi there! Having no luck emailing Lunatic One about the Black Friday races. Does anyone monitor the comments here?

    1. go to the black friday race page on ultrasignup.
      check the blackfridayraces.blogspot.com
      email maniac5067@gmail.com